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Therapeutic Massage


"Having been to many massage therapists throughout the world, I always come back to Michelle. Her presence and awareness combined with finesse and skill result in a very personalized and therapeutic massage. Her knowledge of anatomy and yoga enables her to delve into the body and mind much deeper than most therapists. There is no doubt that after receiving one of her massages, you feel fully rejuvenated and ready to go back into the world in a much more balanced place."--Mary Ellen Francesconi-Lapp, RN

Graduate of Sarasota School of Massage 1992.

Graduate of Goddard College, BA in Somatic Therapies

Trained in Neuromuscular Massage, Deep Tissue Therapy, Ben Benjamin Ligament therapy, Myofacial Release, Polarity Therapy, Myoskeletal Alignment and Cranio-Sacral Therapy. 

Currently, Michelle is completing her Myoskeletal Alignment Certification with Erik Dalton and studying connective tissue "Trains" with Thomas Myers, the founder of Anatomy Trains. 


Pain, Postural Problems and Scar Tissue anywhere in the body involve muscles/tendons/ligaments and neuromuscular patterns that are contributing to the problems.

Skilled therapeutic massage works on these soft tissues and produces results!

Myoskeletal Alignment and Therapeutic Massage provides......

1) Flushing, softening and lengthening in the muscular-skeletal system, better blood flow and break-up of trigger points.

2) Release of bound/constricted connective and or scar tissue.

3) Engagement of the parasympathetic nervous system, allowing the body to relax and heal.

4) We do not just chase the pain. We address local pain and bodywide patterns of constriction.

5) We examine alignment throughout the body, we work on the muscles that are causing the misalignment so that pain relief can come from better structural alignment along with localized pain relief.

6) We educate the clients and empower them with body awareness tools and simple exercises post session to make the work "stick."

Relaxation Massage provides.....

.....a periodic opportunity to de-stress, "push the pause button", "empty out" so that one can return to their creative center with renewed physical and mental resiliency.

....should be a regular routine of body maintenance

....helps us in times of high stress....moves, losses, death, illnesses, trauma.

....... a time to turn on the parasympathetic nervous system and regain balance.


“Michelle’s technique provides the myofascial release benefits of good deep tissue. . .but without the pain. With our regular sessions, she has learned my body and where it needs help better than any massage therapist I’ve ever worked with.”--Follin Smith

Michelle is more than a massage therapist...she is a healer. Her heart and passion is to help people find peace and relaxation flow through every massage stroke. Being a physical therapist, I know good hands when I feel them...and she's got 'em. I am proud to call her a colleague in the business of helping people feel and be their best."Dawn M. Coxowner, Prana Functional Manual Therapy 

"Michelle Spitko transcends massage therapy - she heals bodies. That is, she aligns herself and her interventions so that her clients can achieve profound relaxation and restoration. Within moments on her table one can sense the proficiency and brilliance of her care. Truly, her loving dedication to her art is tangible and our great good fortune. I recommend her to anyone, everyone, every time!"--Jonina Hoffman, DPT, CYT, FMT

304 N. George St.

Millersville, PA 17551


By appointment only

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