Sunrise Bodyworks - Michelle Spitko BA, LMT, RYT
Individualized Yoga

Michelle Spitko  has been a Registered Yoga Teacher since 2004.   She studied at the Willow Street Yoga Studio in Takoma Park, MD.
She also studied Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy and Yoga Therapeutics with Todd Norian.

Example: You love your yoga, but keep injuring your low back.....a few individualized therapeutics sessions may give you a different sequence of strengtheners and stretches that helps you to avoid re-injury.

Example:  You like the idea of yoga but are intimidated by a class....a few individualized sessions may get you on your way to feel more confident walking into a class.

Example:  You do not think yoga is for you....a few sessions may encourage you to do your own mini-practice at home, focused on your needs....including specific therapeutic issues or relaxation/meditation.


304 North George St.  
Millersville PA  17551

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